Community WiFi: A Tactical Guide for the Multifamily Market

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In the full report, you’ll get in-depth insights like how:

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Community WiFi attracts
(and retains) residents.

In our survey of 2,000 residents, 8 out of 10 said they’d prefer community WiFi — and they’re willing to pay more for it (full data in the report).

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You can make an informed
WiFi decision.

We delve into deployment considerations to help you understand how to best integrate this foundational tech into your communities.

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It can be highly lucrative.

Understand the latest on how quickly Community WiFi earns its keep.

“We’re truly trying to have internet availability in all aspects of the community. The parking deck, all common areas – indoors and outdoors. Hallways, elevators with traveling cables... this is a differentiator for us."

-VP of Information Technology, Multifamily Owner/Operator
“Community WiFi offers faster speed to residents and connectivity across sites. It’s the foundation for what we want."

-Director of Building Technology, Multifamily Investment, Development, and Management Firm

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