It's a Hub. 
It's a Thermostat.
It's a Game-Changer.

The Alloy Smarthome Hub+ combines a smart hub and a thermostat into one powerful package.

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Why Choose Hub+?

The Alloy Smarthome Hub+ offers the same benefits as the Alloy Smarthome Hub, with less hardware to procure, install, and maintain. With a quick installation, residents and staff can conveniently control all their devices with a single interface.

Unique Features
  • 2-in-1 smart device

    Elevate your smart hub with a built-in thermostat for unmatched convenience.

  • More efficient

    Cut the installation requirements in half and give your team one less device to maintain.

  • Better user experience

    Get rid of extra hardware for a sleek, user-friendly solution.

  • Reliable connectivity

    Cellular, Ethernet, or WiFi—regardless of connection type, the Hub+ keeps all your devices online.

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